Do I need to bring my dog on a lead ?

Yes, please. In the interest of safety always have your dog on a lead.

Should I pre-clip or remove mating ?

No, please don’t. We are trained to do it.

My dog is matted, but I don’t want you to shave it off. Can’t you brush it out ?

It hurts a lot and is not fair against the dog. We will try to save as much of the coat as possible, but the hair is damaged and a brush won’t save it. If the dog only has a mat or two, and they are not severe, then we will do our best to remove the mat, and continue with the groom.

How often should my dog be groomed ?

We recommend a 6-8 week schedule.

Are vaccinations required in order to get my dog groomed ?

Yes. For the protection of your dog and all other dogs, all dogs must be up to date with their vaccines.

How long does it take to groom my pet ?

We do our best to get your pet bathed and groomed in a timely manner. Most pets require 1.5 to 2 hours. It also depends on the size of your pet.

Why didn’t you clip the nails as short as I wanted ? or why did the nails bleed ?

I always clip the nails as short as it is safe to do. The shortness is determined by the length of the quick in the nail. This could mean that we only clip off a small bit. Regular nail clipping can guide the quick back, and allow us to cut it shorter. Even experience groomers sometimes cut the nail to close to the quick. This can lead to bleeding.

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