I’m Cheryl, I have always loved animals since I could remember. The neighborhood dogs used to follow me home,and my dad had to take them back.

As a kid I “groomed” my Nana’s Poodle, making use of a kitchen scissors, but not anymore.

As an adult I had a number of different careers, mostly taking what is available to makes ends meet.

After 10 year in my previous job I decided its time for a change.  My husband said, “Pick something you would love to do”.

And so it came about, to combine my passion for animals with a career and became a Dog Groomer.

I completed the required courses to be a fully qualified Dog Groomer. Gained industry experience and Registered with the National Dog Groomers Association of NZ.

As a registered groomer we strive to follow a specified Code Of Ethics

Can’t do too much grooming on my Basset hound, so please bring in your favorite pet for a tidy up, by a caring groomer.

During its stay, your pet will be the king of the castle, and I will look after them as my own.




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